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Theory Accelerated Course

Admission requirements:

  • Minimum age of 9 years old

  • Possess performing skills in their chosen instrument at a level similar to the ABRSM Grade 3 and above. If the student is unaware of what their playing ability level is, please consult his/her instrumental teacher.

  • The student must already know how to read most music notes from a score

  • If the student is 10 years old and below, there must be a commitment of parent supervision at home and in class

What will be achieved:

  • The student will have sufficient theoretical knowledge to sit for an ABRSM Grade 5 Theory examination

  • The student will learn the fundamentals of music composition.

  • The student will learn to understand the theory of music better, enabling him/her to sight-read the music scores better.

  • The student will have the basic theory knowledge to be applied upon future Aural Skills

Duration: 12 months

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