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Piano Course

Features of the course:

  • Weekly individual lesson with the assigned teacher

  • Once a month participation in the Creative Musicianship Class (CMC). During the CMC week, there are no individual lessons accorded

Features of the Creative Musicianship Class (CMC):

  • Transforming the students' competence to artistry by providing monthly solo or ensemble performance experiences

  • Enhancing musical knowledge through the study of different music periods

  • Developing aural skills through the use of audio-visual resources

  • Exploring improvisation techniques and rhythmic awarenes

Course objectives:

  • To build a sound technical skill base

  • To master music-reading ability and aural awareness

  • To develop tone production, colours and sonority so as to enhance the ability to communicate with an audience

  • To master stylistic interpretations of various piano repertoire

  • To encourage musicianship through performances as a soloist or in an ensemble

Admission requirements:

  • Minimum age: 4 years old (Individual Course) & 3 years old (Piano Group)

  • Minimum age requirements for individual piano studies are waived for selected graduates from Mandeville's Baby Music Course, Baby Graduate Course and Preschooler Course

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