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Guitar Course

Types of Guitar courses available:

  • Classical Guitar

  • Jazz Guitar

  • Electric Guitar

Features of the course:

  • For Beginner to Advanced students.

  • Exam syllabus, or specialization in genre/style, or both.

  • Classic/Modern Rock, English/Chinese Pop, Fingerstyle, Indie, Jazz/Fusion, Blues, Funk, Metal, World music, Alternative genres, Christian music.

  • Guitar effects – Distortion, Delay, EQ, Compression, Chorus, etc.

  • Rhythm and lead playing.

  • Learn to play as a solo musician, or as part of a band/ensemble.

  • Performance and stage presence training.

  • Improvisation, arrangement, and artist studies.

  • Guitar maintenance and adjustment.

  • Transcription and play-by-ear training.

  • Culture and Theory studies.

  • Produce YouTube videos, and recording projects with a Digital Audio Workstation.

Features of the Guitar Ensembles:

  • Transforming the students' competence to artistry by providing monthly ensemble performance practice

  • Developing ensemble skills

Course Objectives:

  • Mastery of technical skills.

  • Instil proper practicing techniques and habits for efficient learning.

  • Develop confident and expressive performers.

  • Develop musical identity and style.

  • Reading and creating sheet music.

  • Write your own music.

  • Exposure to a range of music.

Admission requirements:

  • Minimum age for individual guitar course: 9 years old

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